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In a way, it could be said that recruitment is in fact systemised discrimination. After all, recruitment is all about choosing someone over someone else, and the definition of discrimination is treating someone less favourably than someone else. Nevertheless, it would be unreasonable to equate good recruitment with discrimination. Discrimination means, first and foremost, “an unjust or unreasonable differential treatment of individuals on the basis of their gender, religion, ethnic background, nationality or disability.”

In a recruitment context we should probably also add age, weight and number of children to that list.

No one wants to discriminate against anyone during the recruitment process, and we are therefore very proud to be able to offer functionality that facilitates non-discriminatory recruitment – something we call blind recruitment. In blind recruitment, personal details, cover letters and other personal information about the applicants are hidden from the user. The user assesses the applicants based on their CVs, their responses to screening questions and any test results.

Only when the recruiter has decided who should be called for interviews does all the personal information become visible. The module contributes to awareness of non-discriminatory recruitment.

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