An HR system that is built on 20 years of experience. Via our extensive assortment of integrable HR solutions, we create seamless experiences that benefit applicants as well as employees and your HR department and streamlines your HR processes.

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Our HR system is built up in the form of modules, and it is flexible. You can choose freely among the various modules that fit your current needs, and later on, you can easily add more as your company develops. With a flexible HR system, you have the freedom to tailor the exact solution to fit your needs.

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A complete HR system

Talentech’s HR system supports the entire employee journey from attraction, recruitment and onboarding to talent management, employee feedback and offboarding.

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Customer references

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We have been able to free a lot of time for other important HR tasks, which allows me to work more efficiently with all of our recruitments and employee data. This is of great value to me as an HR professional.

Jeanette Horty Stenrøjl

Business Manager / HR Master

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Earlier we in VARD recruited interns through locally controlled processes. With Webcruiter by Talentech, it was possible to manage everything in one national process, with one point of contact for all jobseekers.

Vidar Johnsen

HR Manager

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Experience the many advantages

You get many advantages when choosing our HR system. Below, you can read about the advantages that our 2,300 customers value the most.

Simplify your work processes

The HR system is easy to use for everyone. Whether you choose 1, 2, 3 or all of our modules, you get an HR system with:

  • 1 login
  • 1 user experience
  • 1 user administrator
  • 1 support
  • 1 invoice

All of these things contribute to work processes that are very cost- and time-effective. The system is easy to implement and learn how to use, and that means that the system is easy to make good use of from day one.



Save time and cut costs

The HR system digitizes and automates your HR processes, and this saves you time as well as money.

  • Fewer manual and repeated tasks
  • A smaller need for intern training across systems
  • More time on your employees’ hands to focus on other and more important tasks
  • Fewer mistakes and less frustration

Result: You can achieve more with less.



Optimize your HR processe

With a fully integrated talent journey that is managed from one central system, our HR system can help you create a streamlined experience for all users: applicants (also referred to as candidates), employees, the HR department and managers. Among other things, we help you improve the following:

  • The candidate experience
  • The employee experience
  • The user experience

Your tools are easier to use, and they are more intuitive and user-friendly.



Get much more flexibility

With our HR system you get a flexible and scalable system that can easily be adjusted to your current and future needs.


  • Choose among the module solutions that you need now.
  • Expand your solution with additional modules from our extensive product portfolio along the way as your company grows.

In short: With our HR system you are well prepared to lead a company on its path to success.



Get a tried and tested system

More than 2,300 companies have already succeeded with our HR system. We are proud of our growing network of ambitious HR specialists who make a significant difference to their colleagues, bosses and places of work.

  • More than 20 years of experience
  • More than 2,300 customers
  • More than 600,000 users

We succeed when you succeed. Become a part of our ambitious HR community today.



Frequently asked questions

What does your HR system cost?

Our prices depend on the size of your company and how complex a solution you want. Contact us today to get a price estimate.

Which systems does your HR system integrate with?

Our HR system can be integrated with any system that you need. We offer both plug-and-play integrations and integrations via our open API.


Learn more.

Do you offer support via phone?

Yes. Our support team is ready to help you, and you can contact them from Monday to Friday from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. You can also find useful guides and send support requests via our support system (that you have access to 24/7).

How quickly can your HR system be implemented?

We know that all customers have unique needs and different resources at their disposal. That is why we adapt the implementation process to these things, and we offer flexible timetables that fit your schedule.

Where can I find technical documentation?

Visit our developer portal which is brimming with knowledge and inspiration. In the developer portal you find, among other things, information about how you use our open API to create customized solutions

Is the system secure, and does it comply with GDPR?

Yes, and yes. Our HR system complies with all relevant data protection laws and GDPR. The system ensures that you can collect, store, process and delete data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Selected success stories

Find out how companies like yours use our HR system to tackle their HR challenges, strengthen the importance of their HR department at their company and transform their HR processes into unforgettable experiences.

8 September, 2020

Recruitment with The Norwegian Directorate for Education & Training

Explore how the NDET has saved time and reduced the drain on team resources with Webcruiter.



Why choose our HR system?

The numerous advantages that we have stated earlier have led to remarkable progress for our customers. That is exactly what gives us a clear preference compared to others. More than 2,300 companies have chosen our HR system, and the things below are the biggest reasons why they value our system:


Coherent and effective

We offer one coherent HR system. This gives you the opportunity to spend more time on what really matters – your employees and your applicants.

  • Manage all tasks and users in one place
  • Easily adjust the system’s size when your company grows
  • Your employees only need to learn how to use it in one way, as there is just one user experience
  • Get support, guidance and new knowledge in one place

Learn more.

Freedom and flexibility

Our HR system gives you more freedom and a bigger degree of flexibility throughout the talent journey. Among other things, we can help you with the following:

  • Attract more applicants who are better qualified
  • Preboarding and onboarding of your new employees
  • A bigger success rate when it comes to retention
  • Professional management of employees who leave the company

Learn more.

Security and support

Our HR system helps you solve challenges faster, minimize the risk of discrepancies and mistakes, comply with the GDPR and constantly develop your company so it can better handle future challenges.

  • We are ready to help you from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M
  • 24/7 access to useful guides, articles and many other resources
  • A high level of operational reliability and a minimum of downtime
  • Complete GDPR compliance

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