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Employee referral software helps you attract and hire better talent

irecommend will help you succeed with digital employee referrals, so you can focus your time on those candidates that are both recommended and interested.

Use our next-gen tools to package & communicate your employee referral program, so you can achieve a successful launch and long-term engagement. The product also makes it simple, fun and motivating for employees to refer members of their network.

It’s your turn to improve your incoming candidates! 

”irecommend is an incredibly smooth and modern tool that engages our employees to recommend their best contacts from their network in a fun and inclusive way! By receiving applications from those we trust the most - our employees, we ensure much higher reliability and faster recruitment processes.”

Sarah Mian
HR Business Partner

Discover better talent

  • Increase the flow of valuable, hard-to-find competencies with employee referral software.
  • Reach untapped talent through your existing employees and their personal networks.

  • Improve the suitability of your candidates with powerful tools that drive targeted hiring.


Strengthen your brand

  • Have the confidence that referrals are coming directly to you from someone who recommends you as an employer.
  • Watch your employer brand grow as vacancies are shared across our platform with the help of trustworthy messengers – your employees!
  • Enjoy shorter referral processes that drive candidate experience & deliver employees who stay longer.


Gamification and automation

  • Blended gamification and proven motivation tactics make irecommend a powerful tool to help find the best candidates.
  • Reward your employees for referrals, create internal competitions, and build an environment that delivers more relevant referrals.
  • Out-of-the-box automation makes for a shorter consideration period per hire, saving time for hiring managers & HR.


What is irecommend?

irecommend is a unique automated digital solution for employee referrals that make recruitment cheaper, more effective and more accurate. Through irecommend, companies create opportunities for increased engagement among employees while reaching out to sought-after candidates in a new way.

What is employee referrals?

Employee referrals is a commonly used term and an increasing trend within recruitment. Instead of paying large sums of money for advertising or recruitment agencies, many companies today focus on using their own employee’s networks and are rewarding them for it. Today, 40% of all recruitments are made through employee referrals.

Why employee referrals?

It's cheaper, quicker, engages more people, and contributes to more accurate recruitments. Through the unique automated digital platform, irecommend increases employee involvement, while companies can reach out to sought-after candidates in a completely new way.

Tailor-made for you

Customized to your organizations role competencies and diverse skill requirements.

Cloud-based & mobile friendly

Always up-to-date and easily accessible on all major devices and operating systems.

Full-service customer support

Benefit from the support of our dedicated customer success team to help and advise on all things talent acquisition.

GDPR compliant

Ensure all candidate data is managed with full GDPR compliance.

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