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At Talentech, we comply with all relevant data security and GDPR regulations. Whether you have one or more systems at Talentech, you will be able to collect, store, process, and delete data in accordance with GDPR guidelines. Security and peace of mind in all your HR processes.

Secure data storage

Talentech's data is stored in accordance with current GDPR rules within the EU and the EEA. Our subcontractor holds the ISO 9001, 14001, and 27001 certificates, which are also your security for secure data storage.

Deletion policy

With Talentech, you can customize deletion policies for your business to suit your needs while complying with the GDPR. These setup options apply to all our systems.

Candidate and employee consent

With Talentech, your systems have built-in data protection, ensuring that you have the necessary (and correct) legal basis for the collection, storage, and processing of data from both graduates and employees.

IT audit

All our systems are subject to independent IT audits, from external providers, who review the systems and ensure that they always comply with the highest IT security levels. This includes the study of internal data access and overall IT security that protects against hacking.

Data Processor Agreement

Talentech has data processor agreements with all customers. We guarantee your data security. The agreement includes policy on disclosure, deletion & hosting of data, breach of personal data security, notification obligation, and much more.

User management

You can control how your employees access your systems. Some may require temporary access for a single recruitment, while others may need full administrator access throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

Digital signature

When working with recruitment, you can send contracts, declarations of consent, and other documents for digital signature to one or more signatories. Send documents via Danish NemID, Norwegian and Swedish BankID, or GlobalTouch - and receive signed documents in the system admin interface.

Employee's digital folder

With our HR platform, you ensure relevant data & documents concerning individual employees are stored securely and are easily accessible - making it easy and efficient for HR, managers, and employees to maintain data digitally.

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