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Talentech Valuable Customer Success Consultancy

Your dedicated HR sparring partner

As a Talentech customer, you have the support of a dedicated Customer Success team behind you, continuously helping you get the most out of your system!

Our Customer Success teams are made up of experienced system specialists offering 360-degree advice on our platform, individual systems, integrations, configurations, and much more. We’re your personal HR consultant!

Get a professional HR sparring partner by your side. Do you want to know more? Read more about our consulting services below.

Take full advantage of your HR systems

Experienced consultants

Our Customer Success Managers have many years of HR consulting experience and can deliver optimal solutions that suit your needs, no matter how big or small.

Education as needed

We aim to provide the right training for our customers, at the right time, so that you and your team can continuously grow your processes without missing a beat.

Ongoing personal development

At Talentech, we believe that the most valuable growth takes place in the interplay between our customer knowledge, expertise, and the ongoing challenge of the status quo. We all learn something from the process – for better future results.

Continuous optimization

As system specialists, we ensure you get the full value of the Talentech ecosystem, acting as your HR sparring partner for ongoing success.

Honest and competent consultancy

At Talentech, there is a local, competent specialist behind the advice you receive – you can trust that they will know your setup, strengths, challenges, and opportunities.

Mutual knowledge sharing

At Talentech, mutual learning is crucial to our ongoing customer relationships. We live by learning from ourselves, but we take care to always listen and learn from our customers, so we develop together.

"I am particularly pleased with the competent, honest answers I get to my questions. It makes the process transparent and easy. What is promised, is delivered on."

Jeanette Horty Stenrøjl
Business Manager/HRMaster
Gabriel A/S

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