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One seamless New Hire Experience

One powerful ATS to manage the entire New Hire Experience. This enables you to structure and manage everything in one powerful solution. From the initial talent attraction, selection and hiring stages, to the first days, weeks, and months on the job.

The result? A smooth attraction and hiring process with increased new hire satisfaction, productivity and retention, as well as better internal collaboration.

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The steps of a strong New Hire Experience


  • Target and connect with the right talent through leading job boards, social media platforms, and Recruitment Analytics
  • Get the attention of qualified and hard-to-get candidates through efficient referrals
  • Leverage an Employer Branding career portal true to your unique brand identity


  • Utilize best practice tools for efficient and seamless candidate handling
  • Effectively assess and manage candidates' competencies and skills
  • Streamline digital reference checks and assessments for a seamless and unbiased process


  • Easily customize recruitment workflows to fit your specific needs 
  • Leverage seamless digital signature for a much smoother signing experience
  • Easily initiate engaging preboarding journeys for your new hires directly from your ATS


  • Excite and engage new hires in between signing and first day on the job 
  • Motivate and prepare new hires through inspiring outreach and communication 
  • Accelerate time-to-productivity with onboarding, including the right support, timed information, and training

What our customers say

With Talentech's ATS we are able to offer a great experience, in which candidates are treated professionally.    

Kirsti Alnes

HR Sjef, REMA 1000

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Feature highlights

At Talentech, an ATS is not just an ATS. We have redefined the standards of recruitment as we believe that great recruitment spans the entire New Hire Experience. Here are some of the most loved ATS features to get ahead in the war for talent


Preboarding helps you engage your new hires post recruitment. This is a critical time to make sure that they feel motivated and supported. The best thing? Preboarding is part of your Talentech ATS.
Engaged employees are valuable:

Engaged employees are 21% more profitable


More about Onboarding

Recruitment Analytics

Increase your overall recruitment efficiency and decrease recruitment costs and time-to-hire through recruitment analytics. Luckily, powerful recruitment analytics is part of your Talentech ATS.
The impact of Analytics is obvious: 

With Recruitment Analytics you can save as much as 30-40% on your job ads.

Talentech customer research

More about Analytics

Referral Channel 

Get the attention of hard-to-get candidates by activating your own employees as a key channel to attract qualified talents. The good news? Referrals are part of your Talentech ATS. The effectiveness of Referrals is clear:

70% will consider a job more seriously when recommended by someone they know

Talentech Survey, 2022

More about Referrals



Recruitment Essentials

  • Smooth talent sourcing
  • Efficient network recruitment
  • Seamless candidate management
  • Powerful recruitment analytics
  • Security and compliance
  • Online support

The Starter plan is perfect for companies with smaller recruitment needs or companies just getting started

Prices from
1 €

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*price per employee depend on no. of employees


The New Hire Experience
Everything from Starter plus:

  • Employer Branding
  • Competency and skill evaluation
  • Engaging Preboarding
  • Seamless integration opportunities
  • API Access
  • 8-17 Phone support

The Professional plan is our most popular choice - a perfect match when you want to offer strong New Hire Experiences at scale 

Prices from
1,5 €

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*price per employee depend on no. of employees


Custom Experiences
Everything from Professional plus:

  • Streamlined recruitment approval
  • Benchmark analytics
  • Automated recruitment workflows
  • Custom recruitment templates
  • Advanced onboarding
  • User sync and access control
  • Dedicated consultant

The Enterprise plan is the go-to plan for companies with more custom recruitment needs and advanced onboarding needs

Prices from
2 €

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*price per employee depend on no. of employees

Top ATS features


Selection & collaboration

Automation & Analytics

Preboarding & Onboarding

Integrations, security & compliance

Service & support

Key Benefits 

There are many benefits that come with choosing our one-stop ATS for structuring and managing a new hire experience. Here are those that our customers value the most.

Manage the entire New Hire Experience from one place

Have all the components you need to structure and manage the ultimate New Hire Experience in your ATS. This will not only save you time and valuable resources, it will also help you ensure a consistent quality for each and every new hire. 

  • A better overview and control of the entire new hire experience ensuring quality consistency 
  • Save time across all steps of the New Hire Experience and free up time for other important tasks
  • Leverage better resource allocation with an integrated new hire experience with reduced friction and errors

More engaged new hires 

A well structured New Hire Experience increases the level of engagement amongst new hires. And engaged new hires are valuable. In fact, engaged employees are 21% more profitable (Gallup).

With Talentech's ATS you will be able to leverage this in numerous ways:

  • Positive and professional hiring experiences leading to more engaged and motivated new hires
  • Faster learning curves and better performance on the job through tailored preboarding and support 
  • More involved and collaborative new hires through more efficient integration into the company culture 

A coherent experience for candidates and HR teams

A well organized New Hire Experience fosters better and more coherent communication and collaboration internally and a more seamless and coherent experience externally. With an ATS providing consistent employer branding and quality of each touchpoint with candidates you will set yourself up for success 

  • More coherent communication and collaboration within HR teams helps increase quality and satisfaction 
  • Strengthen your employer brand with a unified experience across all steps of the New Hire Experience
  • Leverage a strong and coherent New Hire Experience to attract even more top talent 

Better performance and shorter time-to-productivity

A positive and well-organized New Hire Experience can truly affect the performance of new hires and speed up the time it takes to become fully productive.

With Talentech's ATS you will be able to boost performance and shorten time-to-productivity by ensuring:

  • Well-prepared new hires through timed communication and training
  • More competent and confident new hires through support, guidance and availability of resources
  • More targeted and efficient recruitments and onboarding journeys

Increased new hire retention

A positive New Hire Experience can impact new hire retention immensely. With Talentech you can build new hire experiences that will help you keep your talents around. In fact, Talentech preboarding has shown valuable results like 22% increase in retention, and a 37% reduction in non-starters (ManpowerGroup).

  • More satisfied and involved new hires through a positive and professional hiring process
  • Better recruitments through efficient referrals and insightful recruitment analytics 
  • Engaging communication, support, and training from signing to the first time one the job

Be inspired by your peers

Explore how other companies like yours use our ATS to overcome their unique challenges, boost the impact and influence of HR, and turn their processes for talent attracting, recruitment, and preboarding into one seamless new hire experience.



Frequently asked questions

What is the price for your solutions?

Our prices are adjusted to the size of your company and the complexity of the solution you need. Learn more under Plans.

Do you offer support by phone?

Yes, you can choose local support monday-friday from 8-17. See more under Plans. Via our support system you can also submit tickets, find usefull guides, tutorials and much more 24/7.

Where can I find technical documentation?

The developer portal holds comprehensive knowledge on how to use our APIs to extend the functionality, access your data and build customized experiences.

What systems do Talentech integrate with?

You can integrate with any system you need as we offer both plug & play integrations and Integrations via our open API. Integrations made simple.

Learn more.

How fast can systems be implemented?

All customers have different needs and available resources. We always take this into account in the implementation phase with very flexible timelines that work for you.

Are your solutions safe and GDPR compliant?

Yes, Talentech complies with all relevant data security and GDPR regulations. Across all solutions you can collect, store, process, and delete data in accordance with GDPR.

More about ATS

When does it make sense to invest in an ATS?

The value of an ATS depends to a large extent on the needs of your company. Do you currently work with a lot of excel sheets and unstructured inboxes, which make it difficult and time-consuming to manage the recruitment processes? Do you instead need to gather all stages and tasks in connection with recruitment in one place? Should it be simple and efficient to screen, sort and rank candidates? Should it be possible to access the system across devices? Should the ATS ensure GDPR compliance? There are many factors as to whether and when it makes sense to invest in an ATS.


Overall, it can be helpfull to ask yourself the following questions:

How many vacancies do you have per year?

How many applicants do you have per year?

How large is your resource consumption on recruitment?

How many employees are involved in recruitment?

How important is it to recruit the right skills to your company?

How important is it for you to engage your new hires?

How important is new hire retention?


When you go through these questions, you will get a better overview of how big the need is for an ATS. If you have many vacancies, many applicants, spend a lot of resources on recruitment, have several internally involved and if you attach great importance to recruiting the right skills, then it makes sense to consider investing in an ATS.

What does an ATS help you with?

An ATS helps you with several things. First of all, an ATS helps you recruit more efficiently – ​​whether you have 10, 20, 30 or several hundred recruitments per year. In addition, an ATS helps you digitize and automate many of the administrative tasks. With a good ATS, you will be able to create better and more efficient processes reducing time consumption and recruitment costs. It also free up resources to focus more on selecting, hiring, onboarding, and developing all your employees.


Do you need to:


Ensure GDPR compliance and correct handling of personal data?

Set up and publish ads on exactly the right platforms - simple and effective?

Target ads to relevant candidates?

Effectively filter and sort candidates?

Establish effective workflows and committees to manage recruitment?

Screen, interview and select candidates. Eg. via video as well as position- and competency-specific questions?

Handle, answer, invite and communicate with several applicants simultaneously and directly from the ATS?

Analyze and report on your recruitment efforts to continuously improve and make informed decisions?

Engage new hires to ensure they feel welcome and supported and become productive faster?

Secure connection to other HR systems?

Get flexible integrations to other internal systems and complementary systems, etc.?


Can you answer yes to several of these? And do you have several or many vacancies, applicants and internally involved? Do you have a significant resource consumption on recruitment? And do you attach great importance to recruiting the right skill profiles?

By answering and comparing these questions, you can get a better picture of when it makes sense to invest in an ATS.

What is an ATS?

An ATS is software that helps you improve and streamline the way you recruit new employees for vacant positions in your company.

The ATS makes it easier for recruiters and hiring managers to attract, select, hire, and engage talented candidates that match the position. At the same time, an ATS helps you provide a seamless experience for candidates, managers, and HR throughout the entire recruitment process. Furthermore, an ATS helps you ensure secure and GDPR compliant storage and management of personal data and documents.

How does an ATS help you comply with GDPR?

From maybe to always GDPR compliant

Compliance with GDPR regulations is important and legally required. Ensuring consent, correct data storage and timely data deletion etc. can be a complex and time-consuming task without the right tools.

With Talentech you can ensure a safe and secure recruitment process. Data storage and management is 100% GDPR compliant. You will have the right consent and the necessary deletion policies are in place so that you can always feel at ease when handling data and documents throughout the process.

GDPR compliant data storage and management

Candidate and employee consent

Deletion policies and user management

Digital signature

Employee's digital folder

How can an ATS ease the administrative burden of recruiting?

From manual administration to intelligent automation

The administrative burden of recruitment can be overwhelming, with countless tasks to be done and multiple stakeholders to coordinate with. 

With Talentech you will be able to run a more efficient and cost-effective process with automation. Using Talentech’s ATS you can automate a wide range of recruitment tasks saving you and your team a significant amount of time and costs

Publishing jobs on various job boards and social media platforms

Tracking, evaluating and following up on applications

Scheduling screenings, interviews and more.

Internal communication and workflows ensuring progress

Generating and signing documents

How can an ATS improve experiences for candidates and HR teams?

From inconsistent processes to seamless experiences

A poorly managed recruitment process often lead to a bad candidate experience as well as frustration among colleagues in the hiring team.

With Talentech’s ATS you can provide a seamless experience for candidates, managers, and HR altogether. It helps you attract more and better talent and it keeps your hiring team happy. 

Make it easy to apply for jobs on-the-go and from any device

Keep applicants informed throughout the process with automated communication

Design recruitment workflows that streamline and automate the process for all

Align your recruitment process to fit your organization's brand identity

Collect and measure candidate feedback to continuously learn and improve

How can an ATS help you publish job ads more efficiently?

From many to one point of job publishing

Publishing jobs across numerous channels is time-consuming and inefficient. Publishing jobs to the right channels is important to reach the right candidates but often difficult to keep track off across dispersed channels.

With Talentech you'll have one point of publishing. Through our dedicated publishing site you are able to choose and publish on all the relevant channels for your job ads without leaving the ATS. It is smart, efficient, and more cost-effective.

Job boards

LinkedIn Premium Jobs

Social Media Ads (Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger)

Website, Intranet etc.


How can an ATS help you make more informed recruitment decisions?

From guessing to informed recruitment efforts

Knowing what channels or efforts are generating the most value easily becomes a guessing game without the right tools in place.

With Talentech you can easily track and analyze recruitment data to make more informed hiring decisions. We have made it simple to identify patterns in your recruitment process. This enable you to spend your recruitment budget wisely and give you more value for money.

Identify how and where to find the right talent

Track candidate fall-off, the time between stages, time-to-fill, and more

Understand what sources, programs and decisions that drives results

See benchmarks on applicant pipeline, process, sources, recruiter efficiency etc.

Advertise social media job ads directly from your ATS to only target relevant candidates 

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