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Heimstaden Achieves Greater Visibility and Applicant Numbers with Social Media Ads

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Heimstaden, a renowned residential property management firm, faced a challenge in its recruitment process. The challenge was two-fold: reaching the right target audience and not having enough data such as, number of impressions and click through rates for their recruitment campaigns.

These types of challenges make it difficult for companies to assess and optimize their recruitment efforts. So Heimstaden decided to do something about it.

Heimstaden partnered with Talentech to launch a social media advertising campaign.

”We hadn’t previously advertised via social media, so it was a new experience for us. We wanted to see what kind of reach we could get with this type of ad and what kind of outcome we could achieve”

Berfin Bulut
Corporate Recruiter at Heimstaden

In addition to increasing their reach Heimstaden also wanted to broaden their scope to include a different audience of candidates in their recruitment efforts.

The results Heimstaden saw were an increased visibility and more applicants responding to the ad. While not all candidates were the right fit, the volume of applicants represented an improvement from previous recruitment campaigns.

Berfin Bulut, elaborates; "After the ad ended Talentech provided us data that we didn’t have access to before, so it was great to see how many impressions and clicks we got. We also saw an increase in the number of applicants".

For Heimstaden, their first try with social media advertising was a successful introduction to a new aspect of digital recruitment. The insights provided by Talentech were helpful in validating the effectiveness of social media as a tool for reaching potential candidates.

Average numbers for Heimstaden’s job ad campaigns:

  • Reach across ads: +18,000 (12,900)

  • Impressions across ads: +54,000 (44,000)

  • Clicks across ads: 900 (570)

Numbers in brackets are Talentech partner Jobtip’s benchmarks for expected reach, impressions and clicks for the average job ad on social media. Heimstaden’s ads have outperformed the benchmarks in each KPI.

Finally, Berfin Bulut remarks; “It was a great start to experiment with a new way of advertising. It was also very helpful to see the data we received from Talentech. We will be considering this again for certain vacancies in the future”.

Now Heimstaden can look to a future where social media ads play a part in their recruitment strategy for certain roles, armed with the knowledge and data to make every campaign count.

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