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With 14 500 employees all around Europe, Sweco is a key player in shaping future communities and cities 

Thanks to its many competent worker they are always able to offer their clients the right competency for the task. Each year consultancy assignments are carried out in 70 different countries. Sweco has a turn over of 16,5 billion SEK and is a leading consultancy company within the technology and architecture industry.

There is always an element of risk when you grow as quickly as we have and that is why it is crucial to involve new users right away. We have introduced ReachMee-advice, which allows us to ensure that we use our system in a cost-effective and smart, result-driven way. There is even room for requests and potential suggestions on how the system could be developed even better, in order to meet our needs.


Talentech Recruitment has helped Sweco become a corporation

Talentech Recruitment has been alongside in helping Sweco throughout the years where they were growing into a corporation. Thanks to the user-friendliness, new collaborators did not find any difficulties in jumping into Talentech's Recruitment, and the key to this solution’s success lies within the fact that everyone involved could easily use and take advantage of the system. This has allowed them to not only simplify their recruitment process, but also simplify the communication between separate departments within the company. Talentech Recruitment has even made it easier to identify and capture good candidates.

Talentech Recruitment is always close-by and grows with us

Sweco has had strong growth and in order to continue on this same path, they must be able to attract, identify, and employ the foremost employees, especially as the competition for engineers continues to grow. Thanks to the close relationship between Talentech and Sweco, we have been able to ensure that the tools and services work and satisfies the organization’s needs.

We have grown enormously, come a long way, and succeeded in building a strong brand which today attracts many new graduates as well as professionals. We are in a fantastic position where we are receiving many applications, but the crucial aspect is that we can easily and quickly see which applications match our profiles and will satisfy the needs of the position


SweCo made it.

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