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Become data-driven and proactive with Ontame by Talentech

Ontame helps you make data-driven decisions in your HR processes, so you can obtain advantages in competitive markets.

With Ontame, you will be able to uncover actionable insights, identify hiring bottlenecks and get ahead with effective, measurable employer branding, completely connected to business goals and HR KPI's. 

”I chose Ontame because I wanted to emphasize the value that employer branding adds to the business. With Ontame’s tracking features, I can prioritize costs and communication efforts more intelligently than before, and I can demonstrate the outcome of my investments better. The service that Ontame provides is flawless.”

Head of Employer Branding
Signe Lærke Nørager, KMD

Recruitment Analytics

  • Identify and assess the complete candidate journey with real-time data, from attraction to a signed contract
  • Use insights to improve the candidate journey - increasing efficiency and decreasing costs and time-to-hire
  • Predict future hiring challenges and opportunities to do even better


Employer Branding Analytics

  • Use data insights to show how employer branding drives better recruitment and boosts your company’s business
  • Measure and optimize talent programs, making your use of media channels sound investments
  • Understand which content that generates the most applicants, with our real-time website tracking


Employee Advocacy 

  • Use data to define the parameters of success in your Employee Advocacy efforts
  • Boost the effect of your social media reach by targeting the right candidates from the right angle
  • User-friendly measuring and reporting of the effects of your company’s Employee Advocacy



  • See benchmarks on employer awareness, applicant pipeline, hiring process, sources, recruiter efficiency and much more
  • See how you improve over time with timeline movement, all in real-time
  • With access to our easy-to-use benchmarking module, you can quickly identify the best and worst performance across your organization at an extremely granular level


Tailor-made for you

Set-up Ontame to support your unique needs with modular pricing and custom configurations.

Cloud-based & mobile friendly

Always up-to-date and easily accessible on all major devices and operating systems.

Full-service customer support

Benefit from the support of our dedicated customer success team to help and advise on all things onboarding.

GDPR compliant

Ensure all employee data is managed with full GDPR compliance.

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