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Secure & compliant
         AI Copilot

Talentech’s AI Copilot is a secure and GDPR compliant extension to your Talentech ATS. It is your ally throughout the recruitment process, developed to seamlessly boost your recruiting efficiency and datapowered decision making. It is GDPR compliant by design, which allows you to improve your recruitment efforts without compromising with security or compliance.

The result? A secure way to utilize AI to boost your recruiting efficiency and quality. Recruit smarter, faster, and worry-free. 

Ways Talentech’s AI Copilot can help you

Our Copilot is developed to help you improve your recruiting efficiency and quality. And there are several ways it enables this.

Generate targeted content


Analyze data & identify trends

Structure data for overview

Automate repetitive tasks

AI copilot features

AI job ad creation

Let the Copilot help you create smarter job ads, optimized for your target audience, making sure it gets the attention it deserves!

  • AI powered job ad suggestions
  • Optimized for your target audience 
  • Tailored to your needs and tone of voice

Powerful social media ads

Utilise the power of AI to create beautiful social media ads and be visible to candidates in the right channels!

  • Ads generation made simple
  • Increase the candidate reach
  • Be visible to the passive candidates

Talent attraction insights

Utilise the power of AI combined with Talentech's unique recruitment insights to reach candidates! 

  • Attract better candidates 
  • Utilise the power of data insights
  • Reach both active and passive candidates

Interview preparation

Use our Copilot to prepare for interviews with precision, and get an AI powered interview kit.

  • Get insights on candidate profiles
  • Plan interviews
  • Candidate interviewing made simple

Secure & GDPR compliant

Security and GDPR compliance are not just features - they are the foundation of our AI Copilot.

  • Designed with secure data protection
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • Ethical and transparency risk addressed

And much more to come!

The first version of the Copilot launches in June, and will be continously developed with new features.

  • Register to be one of the first to try!
  • Get access to new features 
  • AI powered recruitment and HR

What HR professionals say

"With our AI copilot, I believe we are witnessing a truly exciting transformation. This is not just a tool - it is a game-changer." 

Johanna Forsberg
People Director, Talentech

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Benefits of Talentech's AI Copilot

There are several benefits of using Talentech's AI Copilot for boosting recruiting efficiency and quality.

Get peace of mind with a GDPR compliant recruitment AI copilot

Relax knowing your AI Copilot follows the rules and keeps your data safe. With Talentech’s AI Copilot you do not need to worry about security and compliance

  • Build on its own infrastructure
  • No data transfer or sharing with third party vendors at any point in time


Extend your own expertise throughout the recruitment process

Think of our AI Copilot as your trusted ally helping you with smart suggestions and recommendations, especially when you're treading unfamiliar territory

  • Get job ad suggestions tailored to your needs and audience
  • Prepare for interviews and get recruitment insights

Make more informed recruitment decisions with an AI Copilot

Talentech’s recruitment AI Copilot does not get tired and can analyze and structure large amounts of data for you and point out patterns and trends that help you make better decisions.

  • Utilise the power of AI combined with Talentech's recruitment insights
  • Create ads that get the attention they deserve

Improve the candidate experience with more speed and personalization

With our AI Copilot you can create more tailored and targeted content as well as speed up the recruitment process to not keep candidates waiting for long.

  • More targeted job ads
  • Speed up screening and response time
  • Identify best-fit candidates faster

Improve internal engagement by easing time consuming steps of the recruitment process

Let our AI copilot reduce time consuming tasks and take the repetitive tasks off your plate, so you and your team can focus on the human touch.

  • Easier and better recruitment processes
  • Free up time for you to focus on what's important

Frequently asked questions

When is your AI Copilot available?

The AI Copilot launches in June, ready to take your recruitment processes to the next level!

Does AI replace humans?

At Talentech, we believe that when used correctly, AI is a fantastic enabler for increasing efficiency and datapowered decision making, but AI does not replace humans. We therefore design our Copilot with a human-centric approach; it will be your ally and your new digital colleague, but you are always in charge.

What the Copilot only help with recruitment?

The first version of our Copilot launches in June, and will help you increase efficiency and datapowered decision making in your recruitment processes. We will continously delevop the Copilot and launch new functionality, so you'll get help with all steps of the employee life cycle.

Is AI safe to use?

AI provides endless opportunities, but it can also bring privacy and ethical challenges. Therefore, we have designed our Copilot to be completely GDPR compliant and adressing the bias and ethical risks, so you can use if safely to enhance your recruitment!

How do I use the Copilot?

The Copilot is designed to be transparent and easy to use, so don't worry - it will guide you all the way. And if you need any help, our support is always here to assist you!

How do I get access to the Copilot?

The Copilot launches in June, but you can reach out to us already now to make sure you'll be the first to try it out!

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