A unique career page with ReachMee Attract

Create a career page that helps you attract talent – all without the need for web design skills. Use ReachMee Attract.

Attract the right talent with a personalized career page

Employees of tomorrow visit your career site today. Are you maximizing your potential to find the right candidates with the career page you’ve got? In order to succeed you need a living career page with current updates showcasing what it’s like working for you. Today, candidates expect to get an idea of the workplace before they apply for a job, and they may refrain from applying if they feel they haven’t received enough information. With ReachMee Attract we give you a career page created and controlled by the HR-department – no matter previous technical knowledge and without cumbersome internal procedures.

Easily create a career page to show applicants who you are. As part of our comprehensive ReachMee-platform we give you a solution which makes it more simple than ever before to create a lively and unique career page.

  • Banner image with text and application buttons.
  • Movable blocks where you canadd galleries, videos, text and background color with a few clicks.
  • Perks – choose between icons and explain which perks your company offers.
  • Testimonials with images.
  • List of available jobs. Choose how many will be shown on the front page.
  • Your company’s graphic tonality. Add logo, color scheme and choose a matching font.
  • Add links to other pages directly on the career page. For example, link to product pages or a complete list of available jobs.

Other ways to create your career page with ReachMee

Attract is just one of many ways to build a career site with ReachMee. If you’ve had help from a web designer to build a separate career page you can seamlessly integrate ReachMee using API or iframe. No matter if you are building your page using Attract or prefer another option, only your company logo and brand are shown on the career page – ReachMee supports you invisibly in the background.