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The leading recruitment software in the Nordic countries

As more than 300,000 recruitments are done successfully each year in the Nordic countries by using our recruitment software, it is safe to say that our recruitment software is the leading choice.

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The leading recruitment system in the Nordics

Talentech’s recruitment software is innovative as well as groundbreaking. It is a piece of recruitment software that is optimal for HR employees and others who work with recruitment.

We strive to simplify and optimize the recruitment process by getting rid of any kind of friction and unnecessary complexity in the recruitment process. The result is a piece of user-friendly recruitment software that makes it easy to attract and identify the candidates with the strongest competences.

Experience Talentech’s recruitment software

Experience a world of innovation and efficiency with our powerful yet simple recruitment software. Below, you can take a virtual tour of our system. Explore all of the unique functionalities and opportunities that make us the preferred HR partner in the Nordic countries.

Statements and references

Gabriel logo

We have been able to free a lot of time for other important HR tasks, which allows me to work more efficiently with all of our recruitments and employee data. This is of great value to me as an HR professional.

Jeanette Horty Stenrøjl

HR Director, Gabriel A/S

VARD logo

Earlier we in VARD recruited interns through locally controlled processes. With Webcruiter by Talentech, it was possible to manage everything in one national process, with one point of contact for all jobseekers.

Vidar Johnsen

HR Manager

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List of functionalities

Talent Attraction

  • Career sites 
  • Job alerts
  • Open applications
  • Videos, images
  • Referrals
  • Publishing site
    • Job boards
    • In-app Social Medias Ads 
    • In-app LinkedIn Premium jobs
    • Intranet

Talent Experience

  • Customize application forms
  • Branded templates
  • Apply with LinkedIn, Uptrail (SE), Jobindex (DK)
  • Chatbot
  • Video presentations/CV
  • Document upload
  • Communication
  • Candidate languages
  • Unbiased recruitment

Talent Selection

  • Hiring Teams
  • External ranking
  • CV Screening
  • Assessments
  • Reference and background checks
  • Automations 
  • Bulk operations and drag and drop
  • Competency based recruitment
  • Screening questions
  • Online meetings
  • Interview and reference notes
  • Candidate bank

Talent Hiring

  • E-signing
  • Contract generation
  • Start onboarding
  • Transfer hires to HR systems
  • Archive solutions

Process & Administration

  • Recruitment templates
  • Automated evaluations
  • Requisition
  • Notifications
  • Customizable workflows
  • Customizable communication
  • User languages
  • Add custom fields and list
  • User management
  • User sync
  • Hiring Committee

Talent Analytics

  • Dashboards & Reports
  • Recruitment analytics
    • Candidate journey
    • Sources
    • Fall-off, time between stages, time-to-fill, and more
    • Employer branding
    • Benchmarking
  • Candidate & hiring manager feedback and NPS

Security and Compliance

  • GDPR
  • Accessibility (WCAG)
  • Handle candidate with preferential rights
  • Single Sign On & Two factor authentification
  • Electronic ID (MitID, BankID)
  • SSL, Data and Email encryption
  • Security audits

APIs & Integrations

  • Marketplace with plug and play integrations
  • Developer friendly APIs
  • Customized integrations
  • Webhooks

Support & Service

  • Local support from 8-17
  • Implementation
  • Consultancy services
  • Service level agreement
  • Free webinars, educational blogs, guides and more

Our recruitment software’s primary functionalities

Customized workflows

  • You can build your own recruitment process so it fits your company’s unique and specific needs

  • You can utilize simple drag-and-drop actions so that you can work with your candidates in a more efficient way

  • Use our recruitment software to automate rejections, interviews, assessments and many other things (can be used during the entire application process)

  • Simply adjust the design and communication so they reflect the branding of your company

Social media = perfect for job ads

  • Via our recruitment software, it is easy to make and publish job ads and publish them directly to social media
  • If you want to target potential applicants in a better way and at the same time reduce the cost per hire as well as cut costs on inhouse marketing or marketing bureaus, you should use our recruitment software
  • You can reach specific talents and specialized candidates if you make use of smart targeting
  • As passive candidates make up approx. 73 %, and because 4 out of 5 of them are open to new career opportunities, it is crucial that you reach these passive candidates with your job ads

Insights and analyses on a data-driven foundation

  • Identify and evaluate the entire candidate journey with up-to-date and useable data – use this data from start to beginning (from attraction of potential employees to signed employment contracts)
  • Using detailed data is a golden opportunity to not only improve the candidate journey but also increase your company’s efficiency and reduce its hiring costs
  • Employer branding is a crucial component when it comes to successful recruitment, so you should always seek to get insight and learn how to do that
  • See employer awareness benchmarks as well as benchmarks for the hiring process, the recruitment effectiveness etc.

Popular add-ons

Below you can see a few of the most popular add-ons for our recruitment software. There are many other add-ons to choose from, so you should check out our list of solutions and tools or contact us to learn more about our additional modules. The goal of having a solution that can consist of several add-ons is to ensure optimal flexibility. We take this approach so that you can pick and choose the add-ons that meet your needs in the most optimal way.


Advantages of using Talentech’s recruitment software

There are practically no limits to what you can do with our recruitment software. But since it might be nice for you to read more about the advantages you get when choosing us, we list a few of the primary ones below.

Clever task automation

The recruitment process can be complex. And because of the complexity, it can be hard to get everything done on time and in a streamlined and uniform way. With our task automation you ensure that applicants are treated the same, and you avoid personal bias. Another reason for choosing our recruitment software is that the solution can handle a lot of the administrative tasks, and you don’t have to worry that much about coordination between the involved parties.


Recruitment software from Talentech will benefit you, as you get a flexible and effective recruitment process. Our solution automates a wide range of recruitment tasks. This frees up valuable time and resources, and you and your colleagues can spend time, money and energy on personal relations instead of tedious manual admin work.

  • Simplified internal communication and workflows
  • Creation of job ads and publishing them directly on social media and job portals
  • Collection of received applications that makes it easy to evaluate them and reply
  • Easy planning of screenings, interviews and other administrative tasks
  • Creation and signing of documents



Simple applicant management

Having a well-organized recruitment process is important if you want to give your candidates a positive experience. With our recruitment software you also avoid frustration among members on the recruitment team.


Talentech’s recruitment software ensures a problem-free experience for all involved parties (such as applicants, managers and HR staff). Our innovative solution helps you attract more candidates with stronger skills.

  • Access job applications from all devices
  • Keep applicants updated throughout the application process
  • Make automated recruitment processes for everyone (helps you avoid personal bias)
  • Adjust the recruitment process to match the needs of your company
  • Continuously collect and evaluate candidate feedback



One centralized solution


With our recruitment software you get one centralized solution. In our software you can publish job ads across channels/platforms. You can easily choose the channels that are the best choices for you to publish your job ads on via our dedicated job ads site. You can do all of this without leaving our recruitment software.

Customization is key to our business. Every person is different and unique, and so are companies. Therefore, we believe that no full and massive solution matches everyone. That is why our solution is integrable with many other systems, and we also have a wide range of add-ons in our own product portfolio. In that way, you can get a small solution if you don’t have many requirements, or you can pick several solutions and tools (add-ons) to match the complexity of your company.

  • Job sites and job portals
  • Social media such as Facebook and Instagram
  • LinkedIn Premium Jobs
  • Homepage, intranet etc.
  • Referrals



Discover how others have achieved success with our software

See how companies like yours create significant value just by implementing one or more of our recruitment tools

8 September, 2020

Recruitment with The Norwegian Directorate for Education & Training

Explore how the NDET has saved time and reduced the drain on team resources with Webcruiter.




What do your recruitment software cost?

Our prices are reliant upon the individual company, the complexity of the desired solution and the solution itself. Contact us today to get an estimated price for our recruitment software.


Which systems and tools does the Talentech recruitment software integrate with?

You can integrate Talentech’s recruitment software into any system that you need. We offer both plug-and-play integrations and integrations via our open API. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

Learn more.

Do you offer support by phone?

Of course, we do. Our support team are ready to help you via phone from Monday to Friday from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. You can also find guides and make support requests via our online support system, which is available 24/7.


How quickly can your recruitment software be implemented?

We adjust the implementation process so it matches your company’s schedule. We are fully aware that all companies have different needs and different resources available to them.


Where can I find technical documentation?

You can find technical documentation about our recruitment tool on our developer portal. There, you can read all about how to use our open API to get access to your data, expand the functionalities, and create customized experiences.


Is your recruitment software secure, and does it comply with the GDPR?

Yes, Talentech’s recruitment software is compliant with all relevant data security laws and the General Data Protection Regulation. The software gives you the opportunity to collect, store, process and delete data in compliance with the GDPR.


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