Talentech launches secure and GDPR compliant AI copilot

Talentech Presse Talentech launches secure and GDPR compliant AI copilot

Talentech launches AI copilot, developed to boost your recruiting efficiency and quality, securely.



GDPR compliant recruitment copilot

Talentech’s AI copilot is secure and GDPR compliant by design, which allows customers to improve their recruiting efficiency and quality without compromising on security or compliance.

"As a recruitment and HR software vendor we consider it our responsibility to only offer secure and compliant solutions to our customers. Also when it comes to AI. Our customers will not have to worry about the security and legality of the AI features and functionality we offer in our products."

Malin Gustafsson,
Chief Innovation Officer, Talentech

AI copilot features

The AI copilot launches with several features, but will also be developed continuously to ensure that customers are always offered cutting-edge functionality to work smarter inside Talentech’s products.

Launching in June 2024 

In June 2024, we're launching the first version of Talentech's Copilot. By combining the power of AI with Talentech's over 20 years of experience as the leading recruitment and HR tech supplier in the Nordics, our customer can utilise the Copilot to increase efficiency and datapowered decision making. The Copilot can help out with:

AI job ad creation
Let the Copilot help you create smarter job ads, optimized for your target audience. The Copilot makes your job ad creation a faster and easier task, freeing up time for you while ensuring that your job ad is getting the attention it deserves!

Reaching the passive candidates
Only about 20% of the work force are active candidates, meaning actively looking for a new job. To increase the chances of finding the perfect candidate for the role your recruiting to, the Copilot will therefore help you reach the passive candidates as well - meaning people having a job they're content with, but who are open to switch for the right opportunity. The Copilot will utilise the power of AI combined with Talentech's unique recruitment insights to help you create beautiful ads and be visible in the right channels, such as social media, to find both the active and the passive candidates! 

Candidate interview preparation
Use our Copilot to prepare for competence based interviews with precision. The AI Copilot helps you plan the ideal interview by suggesting competence based questions. This is extremely helpful when interviewing for a position outside your own area of expertise

All of this - and much more - completely GDPR compliant
While this is not a feature but a standard for how Talentech operates, it is important to highlight as something all HR professionals should pay attention to when they want to be sure to only enable and utilize AI in a secure and compliant way. While AI provides endless opportunities, it can also bring privacy and ethical challenges, but Talentech's Copilot is completely GDPR compliant and adressing the bias and ethical risks!

Secure & GDPR Compliant by Design

Security and GDPR compliance are not just features - they are the foundation of our AI Copilot:

  • Secure data protection:
    With our AI Copilot, you get peace of mind. No personal data is shared with any third parties at any point in time.
  • Dedicated Infrastructure:
    Our AI Copilot is built with its own infrastructure to ensure secure and GDPR-compliant operations at all times.
  • Ethical and transparency risks adressed:
    The AI Copilot is designed to avoid bias and other ethical risks with AI, while being transparent and guiding you in using it all the way.
  • Customer trust is our priority:
    We take it as our responsibility to deliver solutions that always meet regulatory compliance standards.

Ready to leverage the power of AI, securely?

The Talentech AI Copilot is available within your Talentech ATS from June, ready to boost your recruiting efficiency and quality – securely and compliantly.

Get started with Talentech’s AI Copilot as soon as it lands - sign up here to be updated and get ready to start working smarter with your recruitments.

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Malin Gustafsson

Chief Innovation Officer