Talentech ReachMee

ReachMee was founded in 1999 and offers a powerful, market-leading solution for discovering, recruiting, and hiring talent and is used by smart and adept organizations who need to recruit more successfully by increasing the chances of finding the right person for the right position. Our solutions are used by well over 500 customers in both the private and public sectors.

ReachMee is now part of Talentech

In 2019 ReachMee became a part of Talentech. That meant even more resources to develop and support the full talent journey, while providing a unique opportunity for us to create even better customer experiences through our solutions.

Considerable investments are still made in the continuous development and improvement of our products and knowledge, so we always will be able to offer our customers the most innovative HR technology possible. Every day we make use of the knowledge acquired together with our customers through more than 20 years.

Recruitment, onboarding and HR Management in one integrated platform

Our integrated HR platform with referrals, recruitment, onboarding, talent management and offboarding makes up a user friendly and flexible ecosystem. The solutions live up to strict standards from both private and public organizations with a special focus on compliance.

We develop and adapt our HR solutions continuously to match the needs of our customers. The right solution for the customer means everything to us! That’s why we are right there with them all the way from implementation to adoption and everyday use. With interest and insight into the daily work of our customers we create better circumstances for a relevant development of the solutions. This is the full benefit of a close cooperation and carries great potential.

Part of something more

Talentech is owned by the private equity company Verdane. The acquisition of ReachMee was part of a larger vision to create an integrated HR platform covering the full talent journey through attraction, recruitment, onboarding, talent management and offboarding. Talentech is now a leading provider of HR technology in the Nordics.

Today the vision of being able to offer an integrated HR platform, with solutions that cover every step of the talent journey, is a reality at Talentech. We offer solutions for attraction, recruitment, onboarding talent management and offboarding through our own ecosystem. And where there are other needs, for example for testing, reference management, publishing and more, we have fantastic partners that integrate directly with our HR platform, so our customers don’t have to worry about it.

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