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Weekli for employees, HR and managers

With Weekli, everyone in the organization can make their voice heard and have an impact on the work environment. Employees answer science-based questions for managers to act on facts instead of gut feelings. Read more about what Weekli does for employees, HR and managers below.

Weekli for employees

Your opinion is important, and you can make your voice heard with Weekli! How you experience your work situation is what forms the basis for decisions about what needs to be improved in your organization.

Speak your mind, every week!

Weekli lets you as an employee say what you think about your work situation, every week, and you are completely anonymous. In this way, you help your manager create a better workplace for you and your colleagues.

Every week, Weekli sends out an intelligent pulse of ten questions. You can answer the questions online or in the Weekli app and it takes no more than a few minutes. Well-invested minutes considering that your opinion can be the basis for change in your organization!



New insights, every week!

Once you have answered the weekly questions, you will have direct access to your data in the Weekli app. You also get tailored insights from our behavioral experts that will help you interpret and understand your data. At group level, your manager receives a summary of your and other team members’ answers and can proactively address any problems – all with the aim of improving the work situation for you and your colleagues.


Weekli for managers

Gain insights about your team! Weekli gives you as a manager unique knowledge of how your employees experience their work situation, which can replace assumptions and contribute to better decisions with higher precision.

Act on facts, every week!

As a manager, you are responsible for the well-being and performance of your employees. Every week, Weekli sends out ten questions to your employees within the areas of psychosocial work environment. It gives you unique knowledge about how your employees experience their work situation regarding, for example, workload, engagement and demands at work. With the help of Weekli, you can work proactively and prevent small issues getting bigger!


Save time, every Week!

You probably recognize that time is a scarce commodity, but what could be more important than understanding your team’s challenges? Fortunately, it does not need to take more than ten minutes a week, thanks to Weekli’s simple dashboard. In the dashboard, you have access to your group’s data through smart graphs. You also get access to tailored insights that help you interpret and understand the data and support you in your leadership.


Weekli for HR

By measuring psychosocial work environment in a structured way, communication about the environment and climate in the workplace is facilitated. Drive change and support your organization with the help of data!

Keep track of the work environment, every week!

With Weekli, you as HR can easily ensure you live up to the requirements regarding organizational and social work environment, stated in the Work Environment Act. Weekli lets you work proactively and can prevent problems related to the psychosocial work environment, such as unhealthy workload, conflicts and abusive discrimination.


Insights about the organization, every week!

As an HR manager, you can monitor your entire organization in Weekli at both organizational and group level. You can also monitor which insights that have been sent out to each manager. In this way, you will gain a greater understanding of the challenges your organization faces and can support managers by proposing appropriate measures.



Weekli for CEOs

With Weekli, you get clear data that helps you measure trends in the organization within, for example, leadership quality and corporate culture. Base your decisions on facts!

Get an overview, every week!

As CEO, you are responsible for the well-being of the organization. Continuous reports and insights on the organizational and social work environment facilitate the work of creating a better workplace for all. Weekli not only helps you reverse negative trends but also highlights success factors in the organization, such as leadership quality and corporate culture.

Each week, you get a summary of your organization’s responses, divided into smart graphs, as well as tailored insights from our behavioral experts to help you interpret and understand the data. You can easily navigate to different levels in the organization to be able to follow up with managers and management.


Get key figures, every week!

Weekli converts soft values into key figures so that you can easily follow up on the organizational and social work environment. By getting an overview of how your organization is doing, and basing decisions on data, sick leave and dismissals in the organization can be reduced, which in turn can have a positive effect on the organization’s profitability.


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