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Video interviews bring new possibilities to the recruitment process – and maybe some new challenges. Is it not the case that video interviews could lead to us being even more easily influenced by external factors, especially appearance and charm? Yes, no doubt. However, used with care and professionalism, video interviews can, we believe, have more pros than cons.

Video interviews should not replace the traditional interview, but they do allow the recruiter to record some structured questions on video to be sent to selected applicants. The applicants then video their replies and send them back to the recruiter.

By sending the potential interview candidates some video interview questions, we get a better basis for decision-making when it comes to determining who we want to consider further.

It is possible that video interviews will actually benefit applicants who would otherwise be passed over for no good reason, and that our basis for deciding who to invite for an interview will actually be better with video interviews.

Another benefit of video interviews is that everyone is asked the same questions, and therefore all have the same opportunities to respond.

Video interviews are not just another “hype”: they add new possibilities to the recruitment process that make it easier for us to select the best interview candidates.

With video interviews, the recruiter records a few structured questions on video and sends them to selected applicants, who can respond to these questions in their own time. Video interviews give the recruiter a better basis for decision-making in the preliminary sorting of applicants, so that the recruiter can zero in on relevant applicants for interviews.

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