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Recruitment is a matter of finding a match between the requirements set for a particular job and a person’s ability to successfully meet those requirements.

If we employ someone with a low ability to succeed in a position with very high requirements, they will struggle and will no doubt end up being labelled as a “hiring mistake”. On the other hand, if we employ someone who is overqualified to fill a job with low requirements, that is also likely to result in a “hiring mistake”, as they will soon become bored.

The question, then, is how we can best find that match – and it is here that testing enters the picture.

If you are going to use tests, it is important to start by determining specifically what you need to test by means of a thorough job analysis. A single test solution cannot solve all problems. For example, in some organisations it is important for the employees to be autonomous and to be able to resolve challenges among themselves without involving management; in other organisations, however, management must be involved in all decisions.

Furthermore, it is important to use the tests at the right time in the process, and to use the results constructively. We believe that you should test as early as possible. The optimal solution is to invite all qualified applicants to take a test, and to use that together with the CV and application as a basis for determining who should be called in for an interview.

Seamless integration with test suppliers means that all test administration takes place in Webcruiter, both for recruiters and applicants. Tests can be sent out manually or automatically, with automatic preliminary sorting of applicants based on the test results. Recruiters have a full overview of the test results together with other information about the applicants. Integration with test tools is the most complex integration we offer, and probably the integration that provides the greatest improvement in efficiency in volume recruiting. Using tests generally aids accurate recruitment.

There are great benefits to be obtained for organisations who do not yet use any form of test tools in their recruitment processes. Our integration makes it easy to implement tests in your recruitment processes. Talk to us so we can look at your requirements and discuss your options.

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