Screening og automatisk grovsortering

Screening and Automatic Preliminary Sorting in Webcruiter

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Reading through 63 CVs to find the applicants who actually satisfy the specific requirements in the job advert is both tiresome and time-consuming. However, the most important thing is to eliminate the risk of overlooking a qualified applicant – or even the best applicant. That would be a great loss. Or maybe an internal candidate, which would cause a real problem..

One good way to start is to ask the applicants to answer some specific questions in connection with their application. If you ask questions that cover all the absolute requirements in the job advert, Webcruiter will automatically perform a preliminary sort of the applicants, allowing you to concentrate on those who satisfy all the requirements.

Screening questions offer many possibilities, and can be adapted to various requirements. We have extensive experience and can help you to create a setup that suits your recruitment processes. The value of this function is in streamlining and quality-assuring your recruitment processes.

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