Job analysis in Webcruiter

Before you ever make the decision that you need to hire someone new and start writing the job advert, you should carry out a job analysis to optimise your resource management.

Prevent hiring mistakes with job analyses

Hiring new staff is often the biggest investment that companies make, and it requires considerable resources, especially the first time you do it. If in addition you end up employing someone with the wrong competence, it can be an expensive mistake.

Carrying out a job analysis as the first stage of the hiring process enables you to map out what sort of tasks and responsibilities the position should have, and what sort of competence the employee will need.

A job analysis makes it easier to write a good job advert – i.e. one that attracts the right applicants – and acts as an agreement between management, the HR department and existing colleagues that makes clear what sort of person the organisation is looking for.

The content of a job analysis

A job analysis can be carried out in various ways, and should be adapted to the type of role the organisation is looking to fill. Nevertheless, a job analysis should consider the following questions:

  • What sort of competence is needed?
  • What responsibilities will the position have?
  • What will we need in the future?
  • How great is our need for training?

Webcruiter provides support for job analyses

Webcruiter’s recruitment tools help you to chart your need for new employees and the type of competence they should have.

Webcruiter starts with the job analysis – the very foundation of the recruitment process. This is where tasks, responsibilities and conditions are set up. What sort of competence and abilities should the person to be employed have? What personal qualities suit this position? What does the organisation need now?

A good job analysis makes it easier to work in a structured manner and hire the right applicant. Soon your recruitment processes can start with a job analysis and end with a selling job advert – the entire process within Webcruiter.

Webcruiter has been created for recruiters and managers who want professional recruitment processes – including those who only get involved in recruitment occasionally.

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