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Scheduling interviews can be time-consuming. Webcruiter makes the process easier by synchronising the calendar with everyone in the recruitment team. This makes it easy to see when the entire recruitment team is available, and you can allow applicants themselves to schedule interview appointments at a time that suits everyone.

With real-time interview scheduling, you avoid all the back and forth communication usually involved in making appointments. From the interview scheduling page, you can send a link to the people you want to meet, and then they can choose from a range of time slots when everyone who needs to participate in the interview will be available.

Available time slots will be updated in real time to reflect changes in interviewers’ calendars, so there is no risk of double-booking or of the interview clashing with other appointments. Once a time slot has been chosen, an event is added to the calendars of both the interview panel and the applicant.

The longer it takes to set up an interview, the greater the chance that the applicant will drop out – either because they have received an offer from another employer, or simply because the process of finding a suitable appointment time has taken too long.

With real-time, automated interview planning, it’s easy for the applicant to click on a link from the recruiter and schedule their own interview slot. It only takes a few minutes, and the applicant experience is greatly improved.

Interview scheduling supports synchronisation with popular calendars such as Exchange, Google, Office 365, iCloud and

This function can improve the efficiency of the time spent booking interviews by as much as 90 per cent. If it normally takes 10 to 15 minutes to set up an interview manually, you will see a considerable time saving using Webcruiter’s real-time interview scheduling system. Please contact us for a calculation showing the costs of the module and how it can benefit you financially.

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