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Interview and reference module in Webcruiter

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With Webcruiter’s interview and reference module, you can be sure that managers always refer to the correct templates and that the documentation is brought together in one place. At the same time it allows you to improve the quality of interviews and reference conversations by means of a more competence-based and structured approach, and in a way that is both enjoyable and intuitive.

The interview and reference module gives you easy access to Webcruiter’s standard templates for the first and second interviews and conversations with reference providers.

When conducting an interview with an applicant, you can open the interview template and document the interview electronically. This allows you to keep all the documentation in the same place as other information about the applicant. At the end of the interview, you give the interview a score that summarises your impression of the applicant.

If you have multiple interviewers, each of you can complete your own interview form and enter your own score independently of each other. You can subsequently agree a combined interview score to be used in the overall assessment of the applicant.

For those who wish to use tailored interview and reference templates, we have created a separate administration module where you can design your own templates to suit your needs.
This additional module also makes it easy to focus on competence-based recruitment, and you can automatically import relevant information from the job analysis into the interview and reference templates. You can choose whether your assessment of the applicant against the job analysis should be entered as free text, or in a more structured form by scoring.

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