Approval Module in Webcruiter

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Do you have manual processes for approving a position or publication?

With Webcruiter’s approval module, you can quality-assure and streamline such processes within the recruitment solution.

For clients who require quality assurance to take place before the job advert is prepared, Webcruiter can be set up with an approval stage after Requirements have been completed. This may be relevant in various situations, depending on who does what in the recruitment process. For example:

  • The manager completes Requirements and submits the details to HR, who prepare and publish the job advert. A common solution at present is a form, e.g. in Word format, that managers complete and e-mail to HR. With this new functionality, the entire process can be moved into Webcruiter, making it both more efficient and better documented.
  • The manager completes Requirements, but requires approval from a manager higher up in the organisation in order to continue. The new functionality has been designed in such a way that the manager giving approval need not necessarily be set up as a user in the solution.

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