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More time for qualified applicants

Recruitment automation makes it possible to manage large volumes of applications and candidates without compromising on communication and the candidate experience. Automation helps you ensure a better experience for all job applicants. It enables HR to spend less time on administrative tasks and focus more on the people in the recruitment process, and at the same save time and money by becoming more efficient. ReachMee has developed a function for automating recruiting processes – a function we call Event Engine. Organizations such ad McDonalds Sweden already use Event Engine to better manage quantities of applicants in a qualitative way.


What are the benefits of recruitment automation?

Ensure communication with applicants

Receiving feedback and information throughout the recruitment process can affect how candidates view you as a future employer. Studies have also shown that it may also affect their relationship to your company as a consumer. A lack of feedback can lead to fewer applications in future processes, and in the worst case scenario, also result in a decrease of customers. Event based communication menas that all applicants get feedback at crucial time points of the recruitment process. By automating parts of the recruitment you will raise the quality of hire, increase the speed of hiring and create a more personalized dialogue with all applicants – no matter the complexity of your recruitments.

Less administration, more focus on candidates

To meet qualified candidates and spend time with top talent is the most important part of the recruitment process. Due to time constraints, most spend too little time with the selection process to form an unbiased opinion about the candidate. Even for those who manage to work quickly, the selection of suitable candidates steals valuable time and becomes less reliable the less time is spent on the task. By automating the selection process and administrative tasks, for example check if candidates meet minimum requirements, you’ll get a reliable result and can allocate your time to meeting qualified candidates.

Use assessments for screening of candidates

To use automated actions for certain events means that you can use assessments and psychometric testing in your recruitments. For example, Event Engine can be used to automatically send screening tests and further assessments to candidates who meet the minimum requirements. Depending on the results, the applicant is put through to the next round of the recruitment process, or receive feedback thanking them for their participation with information that they’re not being considered for the role. With ReachMee’s Event Engine, you can easily automate assessments through our integrations with leading suppliers of candidate testing: Aon, Assessio and Cubiks.

Increase diversity and lessen the chance of discrimination

Automated processess do not discriminate. Since the human factor is kept to a minimum, all applicants remain anonymous far into the process, and go through to the next round based solely on competency.

If you’re mainly interested in learning who meets the requirements and who does not, you eliminate the need for checking CVs and resumes entirely. Automation saves time, and focus only on checking CVs of already qualified candidates – thereby minimizing the risk of involuntary discrimination.

Helps you screen and rank applications

Recruiting in retail often means looking for new personell on a regular basis, and hundreds of applicants for each vacant position. To manually sort through applications and try to determine who meets the minimum requirement, confirm received applications, provide feedback and identifying the most qualified candidates takes a lot of time and effort. Adding to the complexity is the oftentimes decentralized organizational structure of multiple stores in different locations. All in all, a tough challenge for all ongoing recruitment processes with a distant HR department.

That’s why it’s no surprise that organizations with many vacancies have started to utilize recruitment automation to meet their challenges. By automating parts of the recruitment it becomes possible for store mangers or local head of departments to take care of most of the process themselves. ReachMee is a market leading solution in the Nordics for helping retail chains handle large quantities of applicants and many ongoing recruitment projects. We help our customers in large scale organizations such as NorgesGruppen, Rema1000 and Voice Group to efficiently screen and rank applicants and manage a vast number of recruitments.

Find out who's qualified with selection questions

Does the position require a driver’s license? Set up rules for requirements and automatically reject candidates who fail to meet basic requirements. It’s both better for recruiters who don’t have to spend time on unqualified applicants, and for candidates themselves who get quick feedback on the status of their application. Candidates get a personalized rejection letter specifying why they are not being considered for the position, e.g. because the don’t meet the basic requirement of having a driver’s license.

Ensure a positive candidate experience

A drawn out hiring process and a lack of communication does not create the right circumstances for an attractive employer brand. Providing a smooth an effective process is vital in order to capture and keep the interest of the most talented applicants, and also to ensure a good reputation by treating rejected applicants in a fair and transparent manner. A good reputation helps attract more talent for future recruitments, and to inspire previous applicants to apply again. Recruitment automation creates positive candidate experiences with the help of automated feedback and confirmation, information and a swift recruitment process.

Difficulties finding the right talent

When it’s difficult to find qualified candidates with the competencies you seek, it is even more important that HR can act swiftly when the right talent appears. Using automated notifications recruiters can act instantly and communicate with the candidate of interest.

ReachMee’s Event Engine

We have developed Event Engine, our tool for event based and automated recruiting, as a response to the challenges we’ve seen at HR departments across all trades. With Event Engine we want to provide HR with a function that reflects today’s candidates. In Event Engine you can easily automate large portions of your recruiting process and create settings for how candidates move through the process depending on answers to qualifying questions, basic requirements and assessment tests. You follow candidates as they move through the process, showing where they are in the recruitment and how they’ve been assessed. You are welcome to get in touch with us to hear more about Event Engine and what other companies have achieved with the help of recruitment automation. Request a demo and we’ll show you more in detail.

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Why automate the recruitment process?

In the same way that digitalization has affected our work and way of life, it has also changed how candidates search for and find their next job. One result of today’s fast paced digital transformation is that applicants are expecting a completely digital application process though their tablet or smartphone, preferably with easy application straight from social media. That’s why companies need to adapt their recruitment techniques and processes to better meet candidates’ expectations. More applicants increases your chances of finding the perfect candidate, but also results in more administrative work to give feedback and ensure a good line of communication with all applicants. HR and recruitment specialists have seen increased volumes of applicants, while this trend is not always met with increased resources. When more times is spent on administrative tasks, it leaves less time for qualified candidates. By automating parts of the recruitment process you’ll get more time back – and can focus on top talent and qualified candidates.

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