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Employee on and offboarding that puts experience at the forefront

Create tailored onboarding and offboarding journeys for your employees so they can get to know your company and their team, complete tasks, view progress, communicate with colleagues, fill in online forms, and much more. Our mobile-friendly, cloud-based platform facilitates a seamless experience whether they're joining or leaving your organization.


Nathan R.
Nathan R.
Great Onboarding Software Overall, we've loved it! ☺It simplifies virtually every aspect of the onboarding process! ☹It does not always integrate well with other products.q
Georgina H.
Georgina H.
ManpowerGroup ☺As we are not launched yet and still in the build phase i can only comment on the great support myself and my team have had from you guys, you make it a pleasure to work on and nothing seems too much. Helping us on a journey to a new approach is not easy task but you have made it fun so far! ☹Nothing yet as we are not live users, so far no concerns raised though.
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
Talmundo took our onboarding to the next level ☺possibility to connect with new hirees from the moment the signed their contract up to well after they started. Have them already train themselves in your values, let them meet their manager and team members, wander around virtually in your office spaces. ☹integration with other platforms isn't always as easy at it should be (but isn't that almost always the case)
Tim C.
Tim C.
Simple and straightforward ☺Easy to implement and simple and straightforward focus on onboarding. Programming the onboarding process and allowing to focus on the real added value of welcoming newcomers in person and discussing their role and objectives. ☹If anything the reporting on the concrete usage and where people clicked and how long they remained engaged for the content that is available can take some steps forwards still.
ManpowerGroup UK
Medecins Sans Frontieres

The world’s leading employers choose our powerful platform to recruit, onboard, and develop their people. Now it’s your turn.

Build a powerful talent ecosystem

Assemble your personalized tech suite from our integrated, best-in-class solutions, and tap into 20+ years of industry expertise.

Build a powerful talent ecosystem
Streamline HR with automation.

Streamline HR with automation

Oversee a digital framework that connects and perfects your entire talent journey from one central location.

Evolve to meet tomorrow’s challenges

Have confidence in data-driven, future-proof technology that will empower your people and adapt to your ever-changing needs.

Evolve to meet tomorrow’s challenges

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Targeted Candidate Attraction

Achieve a better flow of candidates with digital and targeted employee referrals.

Transform Recruitment

Attract better talent, increase efficiency, and optimize candidate experience.

Revolutionize Onboarding

Grow engagement, shorten time-to-productivity, and boost retention.

Activate Talent Management

Modernize administration, enhance performance evaluation, and facilitate long-term development.

Improve Retention

Modernize administration, enhance performance evaluation, and facilitate long-term development.

Optimize Offboarding

Protect your company with professional and automated offboarding processes.

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